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Friday Night and Shabbat


Shabbat is a commemoration of the seventh day, on which G-d rested after having created the world. The Torah states; “Six days you shall work, but on the seventh day you shall rest.” Thus Jewish people observe this day as a day of rest, peace and holiness.

Shabbat is celebrated by declining work as defined by the Rabbis. There are 39 categories of ‘work’ which are taken from the ‘work’ that was carried out in the tabernacle. Some adhere to these restrictions strictly, while others only maintain restrictions on some of the ‘everyday’ activities like watching TV or using a computer. Regardless of one’s level of observance or religious affiliation Shabbat has always been one of the fundamental factors defining the Jewish people through the ages.

Shabbat customs, laws and traditions

Shabbat commences at night an Friday 18 minutes before sunset. It is ushered in with the lighting of the Shabbat candles and is followed by an evening service, Kabbalat Shabbat and a festive meal with Kiddush, Challot and a three course meal of traditional foods.

It is traditional to wear nice clothes for Shabbat, and Shabbat is alluded to as a ‘bride’ or a ‘queen’, metaphorically.

On Shabbat morning there is a morning service held in the synagogue, the Torah is read and another festive meal is had afterwards at home. 

At the commencement of Shabbat the Havdalah ceremony is carried out which serves to mark the transition from the holy back into the mundane.

For an in-depth dive into the vast ocean that is all things Shabbat, see the copious amounts of material available at chabad.org

Friday Night dinners at CBDChabad

Friday night meals are a staple here at CBDChabad Sydney.

Every week there is a hosted meal with a theme. But our Friday nights don’t start with the meal – they usually start with a schmooze (n. a gathering for a lively and friendly conversation) over pre-Shabbos drinks where insights, stories, and lessons are exchanged, led by Rabbi Danny.

The Friday night dinners are hosted by Rabbi Danny and Rebbetzin Sara-Tova and are festive, lively affairs filled with inspiration, insight, tradition and delicious food aimed at creating a warm and vibrant atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and a part of the community here at CBDChabad. We want everyone to love Shabbat as much as we do and welcome all to partake in our weekly Friday night meals.

COVID message:

With Covid restrictions in place, many of you won’t be going to Shabbos Dinners with friends or family, or praying in Synagogues for the first time in decades or your lives, united as a Community.
If you are looking for guidance in running your own Shabbos Dinner or perhaps just need someone to talk to in these unstable unpredictable times, CBDChabad Sydney is here and ready.
Please reach out to us privately if you need by filling out the form below.

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