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On a professional front, mentorship is a relationship where younger workers are helped to achieve greater success in progressing their career, in a more corporate setting. However, in Judaism, mentorship is delivered in many different way on an array of levels.

Spiritual Mentoring is every Rabbi/Rebbetzin’s role. The motivation to delve into one’s spirituality or undertake a deeper level of Jewish observance is special. That is why, in accordance with chabad philosophy, it is the role of the Rabbi/Rebbetzin to nurture this initial drive, and to ensure that the original motivation which led a person to their chosen spiritual path is nurtured, supported and refined.

In Chabad philosophy there is a concept of a Mashpiah ( trans. spiritual mentor, lit. “source of influence”). It is believed and taught that everyone needs a spiritual guide to help them progress in their spiritual development and journey. This does not refer to professional therapy, it simply means that there are times when everyone needs a person who knows them, cares for them, is wise and perhaps a little more experienced to help them see the objective and clear assessment of their  strengths and weaknesses in the context of their struggle.

Relationships, work, career exploring, are just some of the experiences we all go through where an external and objective view is paramount, and guidance is helpful.

This is why Judaism teaches to “appoint yourself a mentor” – someone who can be that voice of guidance, advice, and objectivity.


Mentoring & Counselling Service at CBDChabad Sydney

Rabbi Danny and Rebetzin Sara-Tova are dedicated to each and every person who comes to them seeking counseling or mentoring of any kind.

Many of the people whom Rabbi Danny and Rebetzin Sara-Tova have met with over the years are lacking Jewish leaders in their lives. Few belong to a synagogue, some don’t ever visit one. Local Jewish groups are either non-existent to them or in accessible. Having no immediate Jewish heroes or role models to emulate, seek out or connect with it is simply easier to further disassociate. Our goal, and fervent objective is to provide the Jews of Sydney CBD, surrounds and inner-East access to affable and experienced Jewish mentors, guides, counselors – ones they can connect with and whom they can trust.
Rabbi Danny and Rebetzin Sara-Tova are here to be the Jewish face of guidance whom people can have their important conversations with and who can weigh in to those conversations with a Jewish context.

Rabbi Danny and Rebetzin Sara-Tova are experienced, trained, and certified professional counselors who use the Torah and Chassidic principles to help mentor and guide in all areas of life; career, relationship, spirituality, etc. They are there for those who need someone to help them through their troubles and struggles.

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