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Why Kasher?


In order to know ‘Why Kasher?’ we must first know ‘What is Kosher?’

Kosher is the term used to label something as ‘fit’ or ‘unfit’. With respect to dietary observances, there is a set of very finitely defined rules and laws which govern whether something is deemed fit or unfit for consumption according to Jewish Law.

Kashrut laws are given to us from Hashem and govern everything from which foods are permissible and which are not to how food should be prepared and how it should be eaten.

Briefly, kosher laws define;

Which animals are permitted for eating while the rest are off-limits,

Sets the guide on separating meat and dairy products, and the times one must wait between consuming one after the other,

Specifies a very detailed method by which animals are to be slaughtered,

Define how fruits, nuts, grains etc. must be checked to be free from insects and;

For all processed foods, rabbinic authority is required to label the product acceptable or otherwise.

Kosher food which has come into contact with non-Kosher ingredients or non-Kosher derivatives is deemed no longer Kosher, and all Kosher food must be prepared in specially Kashered cooking utensils, in a Kosher kitchen.

For a detailed and in-depth kosher resource, head to chabad.org for more.

Jews and Kashrut

Kashrut has always been a hallmark of Jewish identity. For over 4,000 years Kashrut has always been so much more than just a diet plan for the Jews. Kashrut is about our adherence to our laws and our Jewish Tradition. Although Jews of different observance levels and backgrounds will observe Kashrut differently, the fundamental rules apply to all.

Kosher is not a style of cooking. All foods can be Kosher if it is prepared in accordance with Jewish law.


In order for food to be deemed Kosher, it must be prepared in a Kosher kitchen using Kosher utensils and cooking appartus. For this reason, an intricate and lengthy process takes place to make your kitchen kosher.

Any kitchen can be Kashered (made Kosher), and there is much separating, cleaning, preparation and removal which takes place.

You can read more about this process here at chabad.org or you can reach out to us at CBDChabad Sydney and we will be more than happy to guide and aid you in your journey towards a Kosher kitchen in your home or office.

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