Teffillin To You

Making Teffillin easy with CBD Chabad Sydney

At CBDChabad we take the chance to influence all men to put on the Tefillin regardless of their level of observance or affiliation.

Office Visits

Office Visits services from CBDChabad sydney

CBDChabad Sydney is here to provide our young professionals an array of study & learning options to bring Judaism to your office.

Friday Night Dinners

Friday Night and Shabbat Shabbat Shabbat is a commemoration of the seventh day, on which G-d rested after having created the world. The Torah states; “Six days you shall work, but on the seventh day you shall rest.” Thus Jewish people observe this day as a day of rest, peace and holiness. Shabbat is celebrated […]

Weekly Lunches

Weekly lunches at CBDChabad Sydney, Surry Hills, inner -East and surrounds

Our weekly lunches are learning sessions hosted with food and Rabbi Danny’s inspiration an a wide variety of topics.