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Pastoral Care is referred to as support provided on an emotional, social or spiritual level. CBDChabad provide this service from our accredited and trained volunteers and professionals, including Rabbi Danny and Rebbetzin Sara-Tova who are both accredited and trained professionals. This service is offered throughout prisons, hospitals, and universities as well as any other way it is needed through the Sydney CBD, surrounds and inner-East.

At CBDChabad, we are here to support and spiritually accompany you whether you are encountering joy, sorrow, or any change.

Rabbi Danny and Rebbetzin Sara-Tova are equipped with theological perspectives and necessary tools, as well as a skill set honed from many years carrying out this important work for assisting the incarcerated, the ill and those who care for them, the aging, those in need, engaged couples, those who are undertaking their journey towards Judaism, or Jewish Observance and others.

Rabbi Danny and Rebbetzin Sara-Tova are also well versed in responding to issues such as abuse, violence, and disasters.

Home Visits

The team here at CBDChabad also arrange for home visits. For those who are unable to venture out themselves, we believe that this is an extremely meaningful point of contact. We believe that home visits help build a more personal relationship between the visitor and the person they are visiting. It creates a bond between the people that is outside the more social nature of public events, and helps people feel like they have someone they can turn to when the need should arise. No one should ever feel isolated from their community and at CBDChabad Sydney we are all about making sure that everyone feel included – in any way.

Home visits from Rabbi Danny or Rebbetzin Sara-Tova also help create a spiritual connection for the person being visited. When a person is isolated from the community for any reason, they also lose their connection to their spirituality. Home visits allow us to reignite that spiritual spark, and reconnect the person to their spiritual path – and this is of vital importance.

A home visit also helps a person who is unable to do so in person, to still feel part of the congregation / network. Whether it means setting them up to receive our weekly feeds, or newletters or even food care packages, whatever it may be, it is a re-establishing of the connection between person and our immediate community.

Prayer has over hundreds of years given people the strength, courage, inspiration, divinity to forge ahead in trouble times, or uplifting when they are down, or miracle when one is needed. A home visit from a CBDChabad person means that we have a chance to reconnect the person with the power of prayer.

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