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Tisha B’Av, is the 9th of Av. It is a day that marks the destruction of both the first and second Beit Hamikdash (our Holy Temple). This is regarded as the saddest day in our calendar and is seen as a day of tragedy.

On this day, Jewish people do not eat or drink, nor do they wear leather shoes, take baths, or any other forms of grooming.

(Full list of Tisha B’Av customs and traditions will follow later on in this article.)

Tisha B’Av Synagogue Services

There are three services held on Tisha B’Av;

The eve of Tisha B’av, after the fast starts – this is where the book of Eicha (Book of Lemntations) is read.

The morning on the day of Tisha B’Av; at the morning service, there is an addition made called ‘Kinot’ – which is a collection of elegies which have been composed to mark all the tragedies which have befallen the Jewish people over the ages.

The afternoon of Tisha B’Av – which is somewhat different from the usual.

Tisha B’Av Customs and Traditions

  • Jewish people fast on this day.
  • There is no washing or bathing, or anointing ones self (using creams or oils).
  • There is a prohibition against wearing leather shoes.
  • There is a restriction against studying Torah from mid-day on the eve of the fast till the end of the fast.
  • The penitential prayer, Tachanun is omitted from the afternoon prayer, as well as all the other Tisha B’Av prayers.
  • Before the fast, there is a ‘separation meal’ –  a small, modest meal which is consumed while sitting low and consists of items which serve to act a symbol of mourning.
  • In the synagogue, the curtain gets removed from the Aron HaKodesh (Ark) and the lights get dimmed.
  • It is customary to sit on low stools or on the floor to mimic the custom of sitting Shiva (mourning) until midday.
  • It is also customary not to don the Teffilin for morning services or to wear a Tallit.

Tisha B’Av with CBDChabad

At CBDChabad, we offer an educational and immersive Tisha B’Av experience. Starting with the Three Weeks leading up to the day itself, Rabbi Danny and Rebbetzin Sara-Tova focus our lectures, Lunch-n-Learn sessions and online talks focusing on the explanations, observance, laws and customs of this period.

On the night of the fast, we hold a service followed by a movie/information evening to set the tone, as well as create a space and atmosphere for people to join and commemorate this day together.

On the day of the fast, various volunteer opportunities are organised to encourage people to contribute to our surrounding community, and carry out our good deeds.

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