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CBD Chabad Sydney and its team has been a tremendous help to myself, not just in my religious & spiritual journey, but also personally. Rabbi Danny and Rebetzin Sara Tova have been my “rod and staff” and continue to provide me with much needed guidance in all the different phacets of life I have presented to them. They continued to be humble and treated me as family and as a person even when it was clear that I was an outsider. Proving me with practical help with mundane activities and lifes challenges. Even though it was not their responsibility, they extended themselves, which I am eternally greatful for.

Through their commitment to HaShem and the community, myself in peticular, I have had a full 360degree turn around from a very dark and desolate place within myself, to a place of light, love, rejoicing and peace in my heart by bringing me back and reuniting me with the essence of Torah, Mitzvoth and Judaism through their teachings of Purity,
G-dlyness and Holiness including their service offerings to the community and constant support and practice of their own teachings. Their actions to walk the walk just as much as providing the teachings, has restored my faith, not just in religion, but in people all together. They really are a great example and an amazing family.

If you are looking for a community, that is fun, friendly, hilarious but also has strong foundations in the practice and teachings, then I cannot recommend Rabbi Danny and Rebetzin Sara Tova enough. With many different access points to the community, you would be spoilt for choice with the offerings provided.

I won’t even begin to mention the meals prepared with each visit.
Baruch HaShem!

I am eternally greatful for this amazing community at CBDChabad and I look forward to celebrating with them on the day!

Julian J

CBD Chabad Sydney has enriched my life through providing learning sessions & shiurim, a place to celebrate the festivals, opportunities to do more mitzvot and events to meet other Jews in a young and vibrant community.

Rabbi Danny Yaffe & Rebbitzen Sara-Tova Yaffe are kind, welcoming, hard working, and always happy to provide assistance.

CBD Chabad has had a very positive impact on my jewish life, and I’m forever grateful. May they continue to grow from strength to strength!

Chaim A

I have been an avid follower of CBDChabad Sydney for several years now.

Rabbi has assisted me personally with many philosophical questions as well as with religious guidance. He has been a positive reminder to me of our Jewish roots as he successfully discussed religion at levels which can be easily understood.

Rabbi Danny & Sara Tova’s regular Shabbat dinners have proved to be insightful & fun evenings never to be missed.

Rod C.

CBD Chabad inspires young Jewish professionals to embrace their Jewish values in a friendly, engaging and accepting environment and facilitates this in a context which is relevant to their individual lifestyle and circumstances.

Their philanthropic work directly supports the most vulnerable members of the Jewish Community and encourages others in the Community to participate in and collaborate with their efforts either financially or through volunteering.

Josh S

I have so many fond memories that relate to CBDChabad. Rabbi Danny and Rebittzen Sara Tova have always been so welcoming and are incredibly warm and hospitable to everyone who comes to their Chagim events or for a delicious Shabbos meal.

One of my first memories of CBDChabad is being asked to speak on Shavuos to discuss which of the Ten Commandments related most to my job. I felt very privileged to be one of a select few young adults to speak that night and it led me on a path of discovering more about how I connect to my Judaism.

My friendship with Rabbi Danny and Sara Tova has been flourishing ever since. I regularly attend weekly learning sessions with the Rabbi in the city and always look forward to be invited to shake the Lulav and Etrog in their mobile Sukkah. Rabbi Danny and Sara Tova were instrumental in making me feel a sense of belonging in the local Jewish community that I hadn’t felt even though I’ve lived here my whole life. They are so well respected for their passion of spreading Yiddishkite and connecting with those visiting Sydney who may be looking for a place to pray and feel right at home.

Justin M

CBD Chabad has been very helpful to me when we were struggling financially, providing fresh fruits, vegetables, packaged foods and bread as well as lots of other usually pricey necessities such as cleaning products and even cosmetics! It was such a blessing to our family and eased strain and brought smiles to my kid’s faces. They’re also just really nice people.

Thank you Chabad CBD! 


Rabbi Danny and Rebbetzin Sara-Tova work tirelessly to create a home away from home for the Jewish community of Sydney (and beyond).

They make the Jewish experience accessible to everyone at both a practical and a spiritual level – and all while maintaining an incredible drive and commitment towards charitable pursuits.

They welcomed me with open arms – and from attending their Shiurs, Shabbats, High Holiday services and more, I am delighted to say that in my 6+ years of living in Sydney I am a proud member of the Yaffe congregation.


CBD Chabad has been able to fill a void for me and my family. It is so wonderful knowing they are there, to help with food, inspiration, engagement and a sense of community.

CBD Chabad has really helped me to feel a part of the local Jewish community. I am fairly new to the area, and having the Jaffe’s and their community so open and warm so close by has made the move to this area so much easier.

I don’t know how the Jaffe’s do it. They give so much, but they always make me feel like I am the one doing them the favour.

Anonymous from Edgecliff

CBDChabad and Rabbi Danny Yaffe bring a welcome exposure to Jewish perspectives. I enjoy our weekly discussions on a variety of topics like ethics & morals, current affairs, economics to name a few.

Roy C

CBD Chabad has been a part of our city life for over 10 years.

We look forward to visits from Rabbi Danny who works tirelessly to keep the community engaged and connected.

We love hearing our few words of inspiration and particularly when it’s one of the festivals, we are happy to receive our gift bags!!!

We are so appreciative of the charity work that the CBD Chabad does and BH we will continue to support these initiatives.

Denise M

CBDChabad Sydney has made judaism so much more accessible for everyone working and visiting the city.

They have also provided household staples when times were tough and provide warm community meals over Shabbos and Yom Tov bringing so many people together.

How much of a positive change to your/communal/Jewish life have you seen from CBDChabad Sydney?
So much positive change, Rabbi Danny and Rebbetzin Yaffe along with their gorgeous family are so sincere and warm. They have made a massive impact in Jewish life in Sydney!

GM from Bellevue Hill