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CBDChabad Sydney Shabbos & Festivals programs and services

Jewish life is a series of celebrations; from the weekly Shabbos celebration to Jewish festivals and the Jewish life-cycle.

The goal of CBDChabad is to create a warm and welcoming community celebrating together.

Friday Night Dinners

Friday Night and Shabbat Shabbat Shabbat is a commemoration of the seventh day, on which G-d rested after having created the world. The Torah states;

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Mobile Sukkah

SUKKOT Sukkot is the Jewish holiday which is celebrated on the 15th of Tishrei. The name Sukkot is plural for Sukkah (booth/hut), and the holiday

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Purim Events

The festival of Purim in a nutshell …we hope! Purim is the Jewish festival of celebration, joy, festivities and best of all, dressing up. It

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Pesach Sedorim

Pesach Pesach is a major Jewish Holiday which celebrates the Jews’ redemption from slavery in Egypt. Pesach is celebrated for eight days during which strict

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Upcoming Events

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