CBDChabad Sydney bringing Jewish education and benevolence to Sydney CBD and inner-East

CBDChabad Sydney

Igniting the Soul of the CBD & Inner City East of Sydney

Our goal is to create a warm, welcoming community in inner-Sydney, CBD and surrounds.

CBDChabad Sydney caters to all ages, stages in life, and backgrounds, regardless of faith, knowledge, race or affiliation.

CBDChabad caters to all professionals & creatives, young families and single people and all those who wish to partake of our vast range of programs and services which are delivered through several main programs; educational workshops, business lunches and festival related events.


Educational workshops consist of daily group sessions that focus on ethical and moral messages, together with a complimentary lunch. Business lunches are hosted monthly and include a guest speaker on topics such as law, finance, medicine etc with a Jewish twist. In association with Jewish festivals, we host an array of cultural awareness events, open to the public that aim to encourage pursuit and practice of knowledge, as well as providing members of the public the chance to experience Jewish culture in Sydney.


Pastoral care is an important element of CBDChabad Sydney. Our team of chaplains operate in hospitals and corrective service centres across New South Wales.


Our Professional programs and services cater to all young adults aged 23-35. We provide a range of social, networking and religious events for young adults, creating a young adult support community. We host mentoring workshops throughout the year, beneficial to the development of our young adults as they enter the workforce and become the leaders of the next generation. Our networking events develop a strong community of young adults, allowing these young professionals to connect with others within similar fields of work, creating a support network for them.


Social events and private dinners offer a warm, welcoming and informal setting outside of the business world, conducive to building relationships with young adults. The educational courses we offer are focused on a range of ethical, moral and topical subjects, assisting young adults in furthering their worldly and Jewish knowledge. We provide a community for young professionals, as well as individual mentoring and counseling in order to provide guidance in the personal and spiritual lives of these young adults.

Women’s Education

CBCChabad Sydney caters to all women aged 18+. Rebbetzin Sara-Tova hosts a monthly business lunch with a female guest speaker on topical subjects ranging from law and medicine to emotional well-being and mothering!

The monthly social events provide an opportunity for women to connect outside of a business or professional setting.

Jewish Education and spiritual wellbeing should be accessible to everyone.

Our goal is to make connecting with your Judaism and spirituality easily accessible.

With the monotony and sameness of everyday busy working life for young people today, it is all too easy to leave your Judaism to the Synagogue.

We believe that spirituality is something that is innately a part of every person, and a part of all humdrum aspects of everyday life. Our goal here is to make Judaism applicable to people’s everyday lives. Something that they can keep with them in their families, homes, workplaces and in between.

Our services and programs are focused, at the heart of them, on helping people realise who they are as a Jew, and as a part of the Sydney Jewish Community. This is why, one of our core principles is that no matter their affiliation or connection to their Jewish roots everyone should have access to unlimited Jewish education, and it should be Relevant, Applicable and Personal.

We Would love to hear from you

If you wish learn more about CBDChabad and our many services, or you wish to join us for any of our events, learning sessions, festive meals or feel like you just want to reach out, please fill out this form and we will be in touch with you.