CBDChabad Sydney bringing Jewish education and benevolence to Sydney CBD and inner-East

High Holidays Services

High Holidays are referred to as the holidays of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. Rosh Hashana Rosh Hashana is also known as the Head of the Year, and is on the the first day of Tishrei. It is the day when the world was created, the day when G-d created Adam and Eve and is […]

Office & Home Kashering

At CBDChabad Sydney we are available to help you through your Kashering process for your home or office. Simply reach out to us.

Women’s Educational Workshops

Rebbetzin Sara-Tova specialises in women’s empowerment lectures, weekly motivational videos, and counselling. From Women’s Lunch ‘n’ Learn series of talks to whole day events of empowerment and relaxation and Challah bakes, Rebbetzin Tara-Tova is constantly driving inspiration and growth for women through education and support. Rebetzin Sara-Tova organises a myriad of services from workshops and […]

Foodcare Benevolence Packages

Food and care packages to those in need form CBDChabad Sydney

Distributing care and food packages to those experiencing crisis, low-income, new mothers, ill health, elderly and many many more.

Spiritual Care & Home Visits

At CBDChabad, we are here to support and spiritually accompany you whether you are encountering joy, sorrow, or any change.

Career Assistance

Career assistance is another service offered by CBD Chabad Sydney

As one of our many services here at CBDChabad Sydney, we use our skills and extensive local network to help with career assitance.

Mentoring & Couselling

We are dedicated and committed to to each and every person who comes to them seeking counselling or mentoring of any kind.

Young Adult Networking

CBDChabad Sydney networking events ​CBDChabad young adult professional and business events are designed for young Jewish creatives & professionals who wish to advance their careers through knowledgeable insight and connections with their peers.​ Join us for our feature and ongoing events, talks, classes and programs​ featuring prominent panelists, ​and exclusive roundtable events. ​Gain direct access […]

Mezuzah Service

Mezuzah Service from the CBDChabad Sydney and inner East

Don’t have a Mezuzah on your door? Contact CBDChabad Sydney today, and we will take care of it for you.